Kolvet Foundation - ...benevolence in action...
The Kolvet Foundation is a human rights advocacy non-profit, founded on the principle of benevolence in action.
be·nev·o·lence - inclination or tendency to help or do good to others; charity; a kindly act
We believe in the ripple effect of benevolence in actiongrowing exponentially larger with time and opportunity.
And that's how we approach life as a human rights organization... With even just an ounce of effort, we affect major change.
The Kolvet Foundation started off three years ago as a small, local charity championing the needs of homeless men, women and children.  As word quickly spread about the work we were doing, more and more requests for assistance came pouring in.  The Kolvet Foundation evolved accordingly and now we are recognized as a human rights advocacy group both nationally and internationally.  There is no project too great or too small and we've worked tirelessly in a variety of capacities... from successfully resolving homeless Veterans human rights violations to working with Afghan government officials on women's rights issues.

And we're just getting started!

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