Kolvet Foundation - ...benevolence in action...
The Kolvet Foundation is far from a static charity!  We are focused on providing for homeless men, women and children, but we do MANY other things in our community as needs arise and requests come in. 
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Feeding Homeless Adults and Children
Feeding Homeless Adults and Children

When Kendra Kolvet started volunteering with two grassroots community groups to feed the homeless, she was struck by how powerful it is to provide a meal to someone who is hungry. We Care Volunteers and the Loving Hearts Club were instrumental in developing this new passion to feed the hungry in our immediate community. Since beginning to feed the homeless in mid 2011, the Kolvet Foundation has participated in feeding several thousand people. (A "slow day" is approximately 120 people; the biggest feed has been over 1,200 people.) We've also donated several hundred books, toys, toiletry items, blankets and clothes to the homeless. The Kolvet Foundation relies heavily on your donations to support this project. Please consider helping us feed our homeless men, women and children!

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