Kolvet Foundation - ...benevolence in action...
Projects... and our evolution!
When we started three years ago, the majority of the work we performed involved local homeless men, women and children.  In fact, most of the photos on our "Photos" page are from that era.  As we brought greater awareness to that cause in our community, more and more volunteers began meeting the needs of our local homeless.  This allowed the Kolvet Foundation to begin fielding other requests for assistance.  And in they came!

Starting with our most current and recent projects, here is a sampling of what we are and/or have been working on...

  • -Investigation of human rights violations of a 20-year old Afghan woman with regard to alleged intentional student Visa denial - IN PROGRESS; IN RESOLUTION PHASE

  • -Investigation into human rights violations by the  promotion and distribution of the anti-malaria pill (Mefloquine) despite it's known link to cause perforations in the frontal lobe of the brain - IN PROGRESS; IN RESEARCH PHASE

  • -Investigation and resolution of human rights violations of hospital social workers discharging homeless Veterans with terminal illnesses to substandard weekly rate motels.  Social workers were physically removing these men and women from the hospital, taking them to run-down motels, checking them in, and paying for a month's stay with hospital checks.  Due to our efforts, this practice has now ceased.

  • -Successful patient advocacy for two separate suicidal Veterans who (a) were unaware they were eligible for medical care at the VA, and (b) were not enrolled in the Veterans Administration.  Due to our patient advocacy efforts, these men are both receiving treatment at the VA and are making a strong comeback.

We have several projects, large and small, which we focus on despite limited resources.  Our goal is to successfully resolve each and every one to completion. 
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